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We are available on Alexa and Google Home.
All platform's on Get Me Radio!
Just say "Alexa play Sonic Radio.Rocks."

Donations Go straight back into the site server costs.
Thank you Marcia for your generous donation!

The Coyotes' Radio BINGO Friday Nights!
$10 Minimum Prize starting @ 7p MDT with BINGO beginning @ 7:45p MDT!
This week LisaTari, SapphireRose & ClassicKat won BINGO!

LisaTari put her money back in the pot! Thanks LisaTari! $35 in the pot next Friday.
Blackout winners choose 5 songs for next week's BINGO Card!

♪₽₭'s Name That Tune Friday Nights.
10 song snippets to guess the artist and song.
2 points for correct answer on both.
$30 prize for the winner at the end of the show.
Mystique Jewel won this week and donated $30 back to the pot TY!

MainEvent is doing a gift card draw.
The rules are you have to request songs in the chatroom and have them played to count.
$25 gift card to Wally World or Amazon, the more entries you have the better.
Mon night from 6.30-9.30 EST.

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About Us

We play music from all genres,the 40's to present day.
DJ's can pop on at any time to do random shows plus scheduled shows.


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